[English] MeasureToObjects explained

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    • [English] MeasureToObjects explained

      The database file MeasureToObjects.dbt has the purpose to link actions from measures.dbt to the object filters in filters.dbt. In addition to some other things, you basicly define when an action will show up in the bar and for which object and whether it has a target.

      ID, always unique but you can leave out numbers and in theory you could start with a high number and add another line with a lower number (but don't do it ...)
      Personally I reworked the whole DB to have the same ID as in measures.dbt (or +1 if we have multiple objects for the same measure) to have a better overview.

      The ID of the action you want to link to (ID from Measures.dbt)

      1 for actions that can be started by multiple sims at the same time if you select them via Shift, 0 for single-sim actions (default should be 0)

      In case the action needs a target you can here define the filter (ID from filters.dbt) who can be selected as a target. Otherwise this should be 0.

      The object who gets the action in his action-bar (ID from filters.dbt). Define your filter in filters.dbt. This is always needed.

      The type of the object who gets this in his action bar. See MeasureObjects.dbt
      E.g. 6 is a DynastySim.

      If you have a target measure and want to have a special cursor, you can link one here.
      E.g. "hud/cursors/Cursor_Attack.tga" or "hud/cursors/Cursor_moveto.tga". You can also create a new one, add it to your textures/hud/cursors/ and link it here.

      If you select a target, you need to define the target types allowed (again from MeasureObjects.dbt). You can also add multiple allowed types e.g. (8 2 6 1 3 )

      Unknown, probably needs the entry "MEASUREINIT_SELECTION" if you select a target at the start.

      If you add this then you can instantly start a measure via right click on the target (e.g. as in attack or sow field). To have that function add in "2", otherwise "0".

      The filter of the target-object (basicly the same as in targetfilter if you have one).