Will there be a new patch for The Guild 2?

    • The Guild 2

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    • Hello! Glad you like the mod.

      Yes, a new version is in the making. However rather than just an update, it will be a rebuilt of the old mod.

      To avoid some old bugs and also because I don't like certain changes anymore, we have started from scratch.

      Most things will eventually re-added, but the first release will focus on smaller improvements, bugfixes, visual updates and quality of life changes. It also will come in multiple languages, I got many new translators to join the crew.

      We are in a very early stage. But I would like to release a first public testing version this year. Many cool new things are planned, even huge reworks on professions and AI. But that will come a bit later, first version should rather feel like an improved Vanilla version, where we can build on.

      You can join our (multilanguage) discord, its very active and you can even join the internal testing crew if you want.