Gay Marriage should be included in the final product, "Muh History" is no excuse for exclusion

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    • Gay Marriage should be included in the final product, "Muh History" is no excuse for exclusion

      The Guild 2 and 3 start with female characters holding major public offices. Women can own any kind of business and do any kind of work with no penalties. A woman can own 80% of the town, running every business, preaching in a grand cathedral and then openly in the town square while owning a brewery that concocts poisons and potions some of which are apparently magical, all with no fear of persecution.

      Does any of this sound Historically Accurate to you? No?
      Then "Gay Marriage was illegal/forbidden back then" should never be used as an argument again.

      Ok how about this one, "Gay Marriage serves no gameplay purpose"
      How about allowing people to play their gender preferences in game?
      There is a ton of stuff that serves no essential gameplay purpose, why is this where the line is drawn?

      "But what about Children/Reproduction"

      Conclusion: Gay Marriage should be in the game, at least in the final build.

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    • Could agree more, esspeically with the liaison features, there are now actual reasons to do so.
      It doesn't have to result in marriage, and even if you want to upgrade your romance, there are plenty of occasions 'buinsess' partners lived together.
      It and displays can even be made illegal or legal depending on the laws, perfectly reasonable to me. As a gay man, accuracy is better than denial.
    • Hello. I ended up here after scrolling through and find this topic to be interesting.

      If this would be in the final Game, then there should be consequences and the Game should act like in that time.
      For example:
      Such a relationship could only work in secret. Therfore it can generate some bonuses like passively getting higher alertness.
      If you get caught by church or guards you go to court and lose a lot of reputation in that medieval society.
      Worst case, if your reputation is not high enought, that the church fears your influense, you could be exorcismed or get hanged.
      We are still talking in medieval context here.

      There are Storys about such relationships.
      In most situations men marry a woman and have their lover.
      With a woman at your side the church will not notice such thing easiely.

      Additionaly this all will bring the backside of the "good Church" into the game. I think this could be an interesting game aspect.

      It could be very interesting to ceep such secret as a player. Makes the game more challenging.

      That are my thoughts about this topic.