[English] Using panels to improve measure handling

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    • [English] Using panels to improve measure handling

      I just learned a pretty cool thing:

      You can open panel sheets for specific measures directly when the measure is initiated. This is super useful for measures that need a target. Normally you would need to click the measure button, then look for your target sim, most likely click on important persons and then click on the person.

      Now the cool thing: You can directly pop up the important person-menu on measure-start. It's only 1 click, but the improvement feels really huge.

      To do that, you need to alter the DB/measures.dbt

      For example:

      450 "ms_045_CourtLover.lua" "-" "CourtLover" 41 "hud/buttons/btn_045_CourtLover.tga" 0 6 0 "" "" 12 0 0 "none" 0 0 |

      CourtLover starts the courting. Normally you will not court a person next to your character but select her/him via the "best candidates" tab in the important persons menu.

      If you change the "" after the 3 numbers ( 0 6 0), you can add the panel you want to open there. Meaning:

      450 "ms_045_CourtLover.lua" "-" "CourtLover" 41 "hud/buttons/btn_045_CourtLover.tga" 0 6 0 "ImportantPersons" "" 12 0 0 "none" 0 0 |

      The names of almost all panels can be found in Scripts/Hud/GameHud

      The most useful panels for this are imo these:


      You can see from the name what they are for but you can ofc. try yourself.

      I changed most of the target-measures for the next modpack version. I would not recommend to change the social measures besides courting or the attack-measures. You normally would select your spouse/enemy via the screen and not via important persons ...

      In case you want to open a panel within a measure you can do that via:
      ShowPanel(PanelName) or ShowPanelNoWait(PanelName) or check if the panel is closed via HudPanelIsVisible(PanelName)