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    • [English] Fajeth's MegaModPack

      Fajeth hat eine neue Datei hinzugefügt:

      Important for Installation!

      0.95 is a .zip-file. You have to extract it to the main folder of your
      The Guild 2 - Renaissance game, overwrite all existing files. I recommand to
      make a new installation only for the modpack so that you can easily play
      different versions of the game without un-install.

      Important: You need to delete your Scripts-Folder before!!

      Order of installation:

      1. The Guild 2 - Renaissance

      In case you don't have the Steamversion, you also need to patch your game:

      2. Patch 4.21
      3. Hotfix 4.211

      4. Delete your Scripts-Folder. ALSO FOR UPDATES

      5. MegaMod (extract it into your main game folder)

      If you want to play in a different language, see this thread: [ModPack] Translation Kit

      Any Bugs and Feedback can be posted here: Bugtracker
      You can see the latest beta-version here: Beta-Version


      In case you would like to support me financially, you can find your reasons and the paypal link here: [Deutsch/English] Spenden // Donate

      Let's Plays on Youtube:
      German: Wrangy (for 0.4 and 0.7)
      MackdiddlgeGaming (for 0.65)
      HansolTheGunner (for 0.92)

      Changelog for 0.95 in comparison with 0.94:
      Display Spoiler

      Changelog 0.95

      - ModPack: During council votings you could not vote for every present applicant
      - ModPack: Fixed some text errors.
      - Vanilla: If you were called to the council etc. it could happen that your character
      continued to produce goods after he reached the building.
      - Vanilla: AI-Sims living in different towns could charge your character. Now only
      people of the same town will charge eacht other.
      - ModPack: Sometimes AI characters got the first title for free.
      - Vanilla: Sometimes AI characters waited for hours for their spouse to show
      up at home to spend the night together without ever doing it (poor guys)
      - ModPack: Family members will now have free time again once you remove them
      from your active group
      - ModPack: The measure "Quacksalve" would only show up in your building's menu
      if you had some miracle cures on stock (not if they are in your medicine chest)
      - ModPack: You could not finish the fith tutorial because the measure "spend the
      night together" did not work in the tutorial.
      - Vanilla: In Tutorial 3 (buildings) the help-arrow showed the action "hire
      random employee" instead of the "repair building" icon
      - ModPack: You can now also use the talk-measure to flirt in tutorial 5.
      - Vanilla: You can no longer marry employed characters
      - ModPack: Fixed a bug wihtin the AI script for attacking rivals
      - ModPack: Fixed a critical bug that could freeze your game.
      - ModPack/Vanilla: There could be endless steam in the bathing room
      - ModPack: Fixed a bug within the AI production of churches
      - ModPack: If you fired your worker he would continue to work for you
      - ModPack: Dynasty characters would not be auto assigned by the AI to work
      within your buisnesses.
      - ModPack: Sometimes AI robbers had problems during waylay-actions.
      - ModPack: AI farmer did not buy corrals


      - Starting conditions have been changed: AI dynasties have less experience
      at game start, especially coloured AIs have about the same amount of XP as players.
      - It's more random with whom you will have treaties or feuds at game start.
      - Escorts are cheaper now (500g instead of 750g)
      - If you court someone and she gets hired by another dynasty, you will no longer
      be able to marry her. But you can continue to court her until she fells in love.
      If you ask to marry her, you will get 250 xp and a message.

      - The decision if AI takes an insult or wants a duel now depends much more on the
      chance if the AI can win/survive a duel or not
      - Family members of the AI will now try to boost favor with important people even
      if only the husband/wife has political ambitions
      - AI will visit their shops much more.
      - Shadow AI will now sell they buildings only for 12 hours but not if they have
      political seats. They will only set the building for sale if they have less than
      25k gold (20k before).
      - Production management of all buisnesses has been further improved.
      - AI will not goat workers after 16h.

      - You now produce 1 torch instead of 2 (this makes torches far more valuable)

      - Gathering lifestock is again a bit faster.

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    • OMG ive been waiting for this moment! :D Thanks alot Fajeth! :D:D:D

      One issue i found was when i started the game in 1920x1080 resolution the game would freeze at the logo video and i had to reboot ALT CLTR DEL didnt work. If anyone else had that issue just change in config.ini
      // Show the splash screen at programm startup (0:no 1:on (default) )
      SplashScreen= 1 <--- change to a 0.

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