[AddOn] MegaModPack of Doom 1.0.0

Fajeth -

The new, 100% seriously version of the MegaMod

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License Agreement
Creative Commons <by-nc-nd>
There it is, finally! The new version of the megamodpack!

Lot's of new features, bugfixes, balancing issues ...

Wait, what's that?

What the ...

For easy uninstall make a BackUp of the DB,Scripts and Textures-folder. Then simply extract the file into your main game folder.
This is an ADDON, so you need to have Fajeth's MegaModPack installed in version 0.71 or 0.8. You might use this little Addon without the megamod, but that would be lame, wouldn't it?

Copy your BackUp back to your game folder and overwrite everything.
If you are the lucky owner of version 0.8 you can simply reinstall that instead of using a backup.

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- Bugs make you strong.


- The game has been doomed.


  • Version 1.0.0

    - 1.44 MB - 752 times downloaded