Gatherer Cart for The Guild II Patch 4.211 1.0.0

Serpens66 -

Workers can use carts to collect ressources faster.

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With this mod, you can tell your cart, to be ready to collect ressources from gatherers.

Workers who collect ressources next to the cart, will put them into the cart. As soon there is no more space in it, the cart will automtically drive to his home (the place were you build the cart) and unload the stuff. If there is not enough space, it will unload it in the Sell-Inventory. If it's still not enough space, you will be notified. The cart will wait, until it unload all stuff. So after you made some free space, the cart automatically unloads and drives back to the gatherer place, ready to collect new ressources.
If there is no cart near to your workers, they will just walk to your workingbuilding like they did before.

If there is a pathfinding problem or the measure of your cart is interrupted , you will get notified ;)

The AI doesn't use this. I fear there would be to much bug potential.

Half of the credits go to kinver, he had the idea and did half of the work:…,673.msg4456.html#msg4456


- If you have a clean 4.211 installation with no mods, you can simply unpack the file into your guild directory. Finished

The tooltip in the Text.dbt you can download, says your building has to be level 2 or higher. But I deactivated this already, because not every building has several levels. So you can ignore this sentence ;)
In the Text.dbt entry you can see in this post, I already corrected this.

If you have mods installed:
1) Check, if one of your mods changed the gather.lua.
If no, you can simply unpack all files from the Scripts folder and overwrite original.
If yes, you have to find out all differences between your and my gather.lua file and copy paste my changes. You can do this with notepad++ and the "Compare" addon. All other files from Scripts folder can be extracted and copied.
2) You should add my changes to the files in DB folder manually:

Make sure that the first number is higher than every other first number from the entries in this file.

Source Code: Text.dbt

  1. 65810 "_MEASURE_WorkKarren_NAME_+0" "Gathering Cart" |
  2. 65811 "_MEASURE_WorkKarren_TOOLTIP_+0" "Your Workers are able to put the ressources into a cart next to them, if the cart is a gathering cart. $N$NIf the workers are not able to put in more, the cart will drive automatically back to his homebuilding, put the ressources into it and drive back to the gathering place. $N$NThis way you can optimize gathering, especially if the places are far away." |
  3. 65812 "_MEASURE_WorkKarren_TARGET_+0" "Send your cart here to collect ressources" |
  4. 65813 "_MEASURE_WorkKarren_Message_HEAD_+0" "Pathfinding" |
  5. 65814 "_MEASURE_WorkKarren_Message_HEAD_+1" "No storage space!" |
  6. 65815 "_MEASURE_WorkKarren_Message_BODY_+0" "Your cart does not find the way home/to the gathering place" |
  7. 65816 "_MEASURE_WorkKarren_Message_BODY_+1" "Your cart can't store the ressources in %1GG , because there is no storage space" |
  8. 65817 "_MEASURE_WorkKarren_Message_HEAD_+2" "Gathering cart abort" |
  9. 65818 "_MEASURE_WorkKarren_Message_BODY_+2" "Your cart stoped the Gathering Cart measure." |
Make sure that the first number is higher than every other first number from the entries in this file.
And it has to be the same number, like the seconds number in MeasureToObjects.dbt entry from this mod.

Source Code: MeasureToObjects.dbt

  1. 12106 "Mods\WorkKarren.lua" "-" "WorkKarren" 42 "hud/buttons/btn_002_GatherHerbs.tga" 0 2 0 "" "" 1 0 0 "particles/radius.nif" 30 0 |
make sure that the first number is higher than any first number from the previous entries in this file
and make sure that the second number is the same like the first number from this mod entry in measure.dbt!

Source Code: MeasureToObjects.dbt

  1. 2400 12106 0 0 1509 3 "hud/cursors/Cursor_moveto.tga" (4) "" 0 0 |
  • Version 1.0.0

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