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  • I am confused. Is this a new version of the Mod? The description in the spoiler wasn't very clear as to what this was. Can you please clarify what this file is?

  • Fajeth, I wasn't able to attach a file in the Suggestions forum, but attached is an Excel document that has a series of logic functions that I believe would work for an Auto Resupply Route. I am not very good with code, but maybe this would help.

  • Question: I know that the orchardist building / business no longer uses meadows to gather fruit, honeycomb, or sugar beets; but does the level 2 character ability "Master of Manure" increase the production speed of any of the items produced at the orchardist? Also, does this ability increase production for livestock at a farm?

  • I am using the Mega Mod Pack version 6.5 and tried this map on high graphic settings and ran into the same issue of the speed being very choppy. I turned the graphics to low and still had the same problem. Also, the well for Holy Water in London has very bad access, and my workers keep running into issues with pathfinding and keep saying "I cannot reach my destination goal" when I click on them.

  • [Deutsch] Fajeth's MegaModPack

    Lord Trakand - - Technischer Support


    Zitat von Webgard: „Zuerst möchte ich mich bedanken dass du und ihr euch die ganze Arbeit gemacht habt um ein so riesiges Modpack zu realisieren. Zunächst war ich auch begeistert - alles lief super. Allerdings ist es bei mir in jedem Spiel (Singleplayer) so, dass nach einer Spielzeit von etwa 5 Stunden auf einer Map irgendetwas beginnt schief zu laufen und das Game ständig crasht, mir kommt es so vor als werden die Abstände dabei immer kürzer. Läuft es zunächst die angesprochenen 4-5 Stunden gla…

  • I was trying to suggest this in the Bugtracker section, but it kept giving me an error message. This is a suggestion for the mod on how to make the Plague / Black Death disease manageable. whenever the Plague / Black Death disease breaks out it pretty much breaks the game.You can never cure people fast enough to end the spread of the disease because people who get cured usually get re-infected within 24 game hours. My suggestion is that when somebody is cured of the Plague / Black Death disease …