Question to the old hotfix team or former staff that worked on the Guild 2 regarding the (Gamebryo World Builder/Debug Ver/GSL File)

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    • Question to the old hotfix team or former staff that worked on the Guild 2 regarding the (Gamebryo World Builder/Debug Ver/GSL File)

      Good day to you, first and foremost thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you have put into the guild 2. Without you, the game never had a chance!

      That being said, I have decided to start getting more actively involved in trying to make the game better as well, primarily with bug fixes and QOL improvements. There is however one issue that kinda bothers me, and has for a very long time. I know you cannot legally provide a copy of the Gamebryo engine or any of its really neat little features (World Builder,Live Script Debugger, or the toolbench) I can respect that, completely not your fault. But let's remove that limitation for a min please, let's say someone had a legal copy of the Gamebryo Engine and the correct version to boot.

      What was the final Gamebryo Engine ver. The Guild 2 was built with or what ver. of Toolbench did you use?

      I have already researched into turning the game into debug mode so I could actually connect at least the Gamebryo Remote Debug Tool/Script Editor, but as appears those options are cooked whenever you build, and not to mention I am pretty sure the RapidIterationService is not started otherwise so that's a different issue... assuming that service was present in the build you guys/girls have anyways because judging by the change-log it might not have been in the same form.

      "#ifndef EE_CONFIG_SHIPPING
      // Create the Sim Debugger. It is managed by the RapidIterationService.
      RapidIterationSystemServicePtr spRapidIteration =
      if (spRapidIteration)

      So that leads to the question, can you only provide the Debug Ver and not the actual editor to negate this problem?
      Obviously, I cannot rebuild the game nor does it sound like you could, but if forced too, I guess I will go through the process of trying to contact the IP holder and obtain permission that way, I just would rather not have to. Nordic/THQ Nordic or whatever subsidiary they have split off to seems like the best point of contact as the old studios are DOA from my understanding. If you have any suggestion on how to proceed with that process, let me know, please.

      And finally, did you guys-girls actually have/had access to the GSL files. I have a pretty good feeling you did, but not completely sure. If so the same question applies, can you release those?

      PS. I know it's full of bugs, I know everything's broken, I know the engine documentation is like 5,091 pages, No Source, sounds like a fun time to me. I want to learn more about what's going on with the back-end, master the skill of path-finding, become one with the maps, object, and code. Some of those can be achieved other ways, some actually might be damn near impossible otherwise.

      Much love, and respect coming your way.

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