Office session works somehow wrong.

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    • Office session works somehow wrong.

      I have a GOG version, patched to 4.211 using TG2Ren_Patch_4x_to_4211_ML

      Until I enter political life, all is fine. But then strange things start to happen.

      For example:

      (1) Sometimes a redundant "hurry to townhall" window appears, perhaps the next morning after session.

      (2) Sometimes during the session several sims want to bribe me, and whether I accept it or reject it, my character abstains. Some timer runs too fast. Perhaps it would be good if the default option was to vote current office holder.

      (3) He may bribe, and I am not allowed to counter-bribe. I remember it wasn't the case in earlier versions. Can it be back? Or disable bribing during a session at all, that might even solve the problem (2).

      Maybe these 4.211 changes are due to multiplayer, but I never play multiplayer.

      If this has been discussed, I'm sorry. I don't know German, and little English. I wrote this using Google translate.

      :) I thank the modders for the time they spend on this great game. :)

      Somewhere on the old runeforge forum was a list of java functions. Can I get it somewhere else?