I wish to know what happened

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    • I wish to know what happened

      I've been trying to find any custom maps -- let us be honest, the base game maps are small and I wish to have at least four settlements (with at least a single village because I like a humble start, also it's kind of hard to start off as a patron in a town, or so I've read). Instead, I've found that any links to downloads, not only maps, link to no longer existing pages -- Id est, they link to pages with 404 Error not found.

      I'm no modder, so I have some doubts I'd be able to make a new map or two. While I have some knowledge of game making and programming, I'm completely green when it comes to making visuals and making a world.

      So, may somebody tell me what happened that caused those download pages to disappear and whether there are any mirrors or alternatives?