Wish: Dynasty Assignments/Political Meetings/Court

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    • Wish: Dynasty Assignments/Political Meetings/Court

      One thing that I'd love to see, even though I'm sure it would take a lot of time to script out, is the ability to assign your idle dynasty members tasks.

      Such tasks could include:
      Operate Business; They're assigned the owner of one of your locations and focus their time there as the manager like ai dynasties do. With the options of focuses too.
      -Profit; Working the selected business to gain as much money as possible through trade, storefront or services.
      -Stockpile; focus on building stockpiles of resources and items to be stored for later use.

      Shady Actions; A variety of choices for a dynasty member to focus on disrupting the world.
      -Attack/Get Rid of; Target a specific person or a random member in the selected dynasty family.
      -Ruin; Focus on disrupting business of rival dynasties, from smokebombs to attacking trade carts.
      -Anti-campaign; Spending resources to disrupt rival dynasties from rising the political chambers. (Good option for both Scholars and Rogues as they both offer their own scandelous acts)

      Politics; I personally hated that only your controlled characters could apply. One of the reasons building a large dynasty wasn't super fun for me was because of all the idle members just standing around at home. This assignment would allow them to climb the ranks of politics and further building your standing power in a town. As well as using their abilities and privileges to help the family and allies or disrupt rivals.

      Misc Assignments; Smaller/short term goals to focus on.
      -Befriend X Dynasty members.
      -Betrothal automatically find a fitting partner and work on relations to marry them.
      -Family Growth, focus on having children.


      Onto the topic of Political Meetings. I personally hated the fact that meetings were only called simply to vote on seats. Yes it's a great feature but it doesn't really scream "politics" either.

      The idea would be that each political seat would be able to "Call for Meeting" each seat would have one or more "Topics" to choose from in which the meeting would be centered around. Not everyone would attend the meeting based on the category. For example if it was only focused on the security of the city, seats like the Lease Master wouldn't attend. Rather it'd be fore the Executioner, Dungeon Master, etc.

      Some Topic ideas would be things like;
      -New Laws; Deciding on new laws to change the legal status of certain activities. Or the severity of the crime.
      -Court; a more in depth version of the severity of the law. For example relinquishing a title may go down multiple titles rather than just being stripped down one level back. Adding a % bonus/reduction to how fine's work making them more dangerous even for smaller crimes.
      -Taxes; Multiple taxes could be set into effect in different categories. Property Taxes, Myrmidon Taxes, Marriage Taxes, etc.

      Conditions; Of course there'd be conditions for these shorter meetings to occur.
      -First the sovereign/mayor (or the next in command if there is none) will decide on which meeting will take place. Which then decides which seats are welcome to attend.
      -Second the meeting will be assigned to an available slot. Prioritizing political seat votes and trails above these lesser meetings. The meetings could also potentially take place in the morning as well as the evening.
      -Third, attendance is not required by the seats involved with the topic of the meeting. Absence will result in abstained votes on the subject. (Being non-mandatory means that if the character is otherwise busy engaging in other activities, they wont have to worry about significant backlash for missing the meeting, they merely can't weigh in on the choice and will have to live with the outcome.)



      Audience; I really disliked that the meeting hall was closed off for anyone that wasn't judging, the bailiff or the accuser/accused. It left all those seats empty and made the trial so private which didn't make a lot of sense to me. So I was thinking that anyone was willing to watch the trial from the side seats. While only the judge and two assessors have the final say in punishment the audience would have relationship changes made from it.

      Rivals of the Accused - If the accused is sentenced for their crime, any rivals in the audience would get a relationship boost toward the accuser. The higher the punishment the bigger the boost.
      Friends of the Accused - On the flip side any friends/allies that aren't in favor of the outcome will get a drop in relationship towards the accused and even the judge/assessors.

      Bribes: The Judge/Assessor may be bribed into lowering their opinion on what sentence is suitable as punishment for crimes.


      These are just some ideas that came to mind. I like the idea of being able to be more involved in the community as a whole without having to spend too much time focusing on workshops. Once mid game hits, it tends to just be a simple grind. Collecting money and doing dastardly deeds trying to take out your rivals. But it felt repetitive. Like things would just continue growing rather than any major changes in gameplay aside from who holds what office.