Announcement [English] Exclusive Interview with the new developer

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    • [English] Exclusive Interview with the new developer

      The following interview has been translated by, in case of any mistakes you might wanna take a look at the original German version

      THQNordic and Purple Lamp Studios agreed to answer several questions in an exlusive interview, so that you can make your own impressions about who the new developer is and how mistakes that have been made can be corrected.

      Questions dedicated to Publisher THQNordic: Why did you choose Purple Lamp, what qualifies them to give The Guild 3 the things it's currently missing?

      Answer: Purple Lamp was made out of the experienced developer-studio Sproing. THQ Nordic already did several projects with them and up to today there are good buisness relations and personal contacts with the former Sproing Team. That means the people at Purple Lamp are people we trust who do excellent and reliable work, so we commit them the project gladly. How will the change of developer influence the Early Access phase?

      Answer: The Guild 3 will continue to stay a bit longer in Early Access. We want to make sure that this game reaches our own requirements aswell as the fan's. At this point we haven't set a release date yet. Any plans for a new roadmap?

      Answer: We have decided to not release a full roadmap again but instead inform the community via previews on a regular basis. That is already happening since Patch 0.5 (Purple Lamps first patch, annotation by Also we are going to release DevDiares in which we inform and talk about plans and details for upcoming patches. Since the latest patches there have been surveys about the latest changes. Are there more plans to improve the communication between community and developers/publisher?

      Answer: We want to take this chance to make a new beginning for communication. It's already happening with more detailed patch notes and with the upcoming regularly DevDiaries. We also want to show more developer-presence in the official forums. But keep in mind that the work on the game has to come first always; thus you may have to wait a few days before you get an anwer. Any plans on new intervals for the patches?

      Answer: We want to get out patches on more regularly interval but also have them already sufficiently tested by us and by our intern Beta-Testers. Right now this is working really great, Patch 0.5.2 is already in the hands of our Beta-Testers when this interview goes online.

      Questions dedicated to developer Purple Lamp: What do you know about the Guild-series? Did some of you play Europe 1400: The Guild or The Guild 2? Do you know Let's Plays?

      Answer: Yes, we know the Guild-series and we even played it! Obviously some in our team know more than others. What really helps us is the support of THQ and players from the community who played since the very beginning. What is it you like the most in the series?

      Answer: The Guild-series is completely unique. The mix of economics, RPG and politics is a unique feature. We do like everything that contains sabotage and politics most though ;) To not fight your way up with the sword but with political skill and intuition is simply great. Are there any things you would like to improve, compared to the predecessors?

      Answer: To be honest we have to think about this still. At first we have to take care about the current condition of the game, the features, the controls and performance. If the foundation is solid and makes fun, we can continue to build on it. But our very first goal is to improve that foundation. The Guild 2: Renaissance was a modding-project first before it became an official expansion. Even today many people like to play it, mostly because of it's accessable modding. What is your stance on modding of games? Is there anything you would like to change to improve the possibilities for modding in The Guild 3?

      Answer: Short answer: Modding is great! There are so many examples for well-done mods! Out of the developer's view an active modding community also keeps a game alive longer. Regarding the mod-ability of The Guild 3: It is our goal to extract parameters, currently hidden in the source code, and to make them more usable for the modding-community. How does that even work, to take over the a game mid-development? How can we imagine the familiarization with the code?

      Answer: Taking over a game during development, especially one that is that complex, is obviously a huge task. Not only you have to get an overview about the software architecture but also about the design, the community, the IP, the project's history and the toolset.
      The first familiarization is done systematicly but still a bit "bumpy" ;) At first we tried to get an overview about the current set of content and especially about the condition of current features. With this information we try to make our plans. Still we won't be spared from surprises ;) It is very important to find the middle ground during this phase between: "We rebuild this" and "We can build on this". How long does it take to familiarize yourself? Do you feel "home" inside the code 100% already?

      Answer: That is a very good question but also hard to say. I think we get along with the code quite well already. However we will begin to work on new things soon (e.g.: Pathfinding) and we will have to get used to that first. Isn't there the risk for you of getting critized for things you are not responsible for? Why did you still agreed to this project?

      Answer: That's indeed a risk and it will be hard to prevent this. Still we think that we can change course and make The Guild 3 a good game. There is still the chance of people complaining about things we can not influence. But we don't want to point the finger at others. Instead we want to try to show in the upcoming patches that THQ and Purple lamp stand 100% behind the project.

      More questions dedicated to both How are you going to bring those back who are so disappointed about the course of the EA that they turned their back on you?

      Answer: That won't happen just at once, we know that. We want to convince people by our actions, that this is going in a direction now they always wished for a true Guild-game. Which are the most important changes/reworks you are aiming for in the time you still have?

      Answer: First there are controls and user interface. If that part already feels strange and unconvenient you can build in the greatest features - no one will care. After that we will work on Pathfinding and collision of characters and carts. Also the economics and the character actions. Then step by step: AI, politics, trials, societes, the sovereign, multiplayer and so on (this is not in a fixed order). Many things will need multiple patches before they are done. Is there anything you want to say to the community?

      Answer: It will take time to solve all problems and finalize all promised features. That's out of question. We ask the fans: give the team a chance to do exactly that, and to make a game with the joy and feeling of a true Guild-game.

      answered by:
      Heinrich Meyer, Producer, THQNordic
      Milo Gutmann, Game Director, Purple Lamp Studios

      Questions for by Jean-Luc Preikschas (Fajeth)