What are "Fees"?

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    • What are "Fees"?


      I'm playing the MegaMod 0.95 on Steam on the map Castrum Novaesium.

      I am being hit by huge "Fees". I can't figure out what they are. I started the game with $15,000 and 4 workshops (in the .ini, I only got two workshops because of my starting title) and I upgraded my title once from commoner to yeoman. Then, 1 hour into the game, I get a "Fee" of over $10,000 that appears on my balance sheet. This seems to be happening on other maps too, and constantly, each season. I can't get ahead. The "Fees" are always almost as much as I make and seem to be deducted a few minutes of game time after income comes in. I have AI managing my businesses, but automatic improvements and upgrades turned off, the AI doesn't seem to be buying carts or hiring people. Does anyone know what these fees are? Is this a bug? Does it happen in vanilla?