Questions/request for Fajeth

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    • Questions/request for Fajeth


      I recently discovered Fajeth's mod pack and I love it! It has rekindled my love for the game and helped me get through the long wait for The Guild 3. Thank you Fajeth, for all your hard work!

      I do have a couple of questions/requests for Fajeth or anyone who is able to help with altering the mod files:
      1. I would like to remove the raw materials system implemented by Fajeth so the materials and recipes are the same as the base game. I only have a very limited understanding of scripting and programming language, so I have been unable to figure out how to do this myself :/ Is the raw materials system safe to remove without breaking the mod? If so, what lines of code in the files would I need to remove/edit to do this?
      2. I would also like to know how to edit the price values of the items in game. I note that Fajeth's mod changed the prices of several items in the counting houses (ie: silk, amber, etc), and I would like to know how I can edit these values for myself. I have tried to locate the price values in the game files but I can't figure it out! I thought maybe the price values were in the DB\TemplatePropValues.dbt file, but I couldn't work out if they were related.

      Any assistance would be appreciated!

    • the file for both would be items.dbt

      However you cant use the old file because I not only changed recipes but also added new items.

      You can only do changes by yourself:

      Change the buildcount to a lower value and the buildtime to a higher value will make the price go up and vice versa.

      Changing the id of (item1, item2, item3) will change the recipe

      Hope that helps :)