Mod Concept - Political Issues

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    • Mod Concept - Political Issues

      I'm a beginner at modding. Everything I've learned is self taught so I only understand how to edit/alter existing conditions within the game. But I do have an idea that I'd love some input from more experienced modders.

      My idea is that there are separate meetings within the political realm of the game. Instead of only gathering to vote on positions. They gather to vote on topics of debate. Which can be randomized in general. Or perhaps a citizen can make a request at the assembly hall.

      Some examples would be say:
      Church Taxes - This would differ from the church tithe but more similarly to sales taxes except only referring to buildings of worship. The council will gather to decide if the churches should be taxed and by how much. The most popular vote would set the condition. If it was set to 10% then all churches would lose 10% of all forms of income relating to the building. Donations, artifact sales, etc and that would be given to the city treasury.

      Overturn Sentence:
      Maybe someone's spouse was thrown in the dungeon so they request/demand that their lover is freed or something. - The council would meet and decide whether the court's ruling was fair enough as it is. To shorten the sentence. Or overrule it altogether and set them free.

      I know the scripts are rather complicated already. But this would be quite similar to office voting and court proceedings. It'd be a triggered event during a specific time of day (to avoid interfering with other events relating to the assembly hall) and it would only be one issue per day at max so that each session would be pretty short.

      That's the basic idea. Would love to hear some input.
    • I would love to have more actual politics other than votings and some super powerful privileges. I have some idea of my own for the ModPack, but main problem is how to fit something like your suggestion into the already dence course of a round (Duels, Trials, Meetings, Feasts). I mean, it MIGHT be possible to simply add those things to the normal sessions. In case of the modpack, where you no longer can bribe during meetings, it might not be too long. Or you could change the course of meetings: first round: Votings. Second Round: Political Issues. Third Round: Votings. And so on.

      It would be super interesting to see something like this
    • It would be viable to hold them after seat voting. But that just means that anyone who newly receives the position would get to vote. Which might complicate the script even more.

      What if it did a check and held these political meetings on days where office votes are not taking place?

      I personally prefer having an office session every 2 years. So one year could be position votes while the opposite year could be taking care of issues. Although it would really tempt me to start playing 4 years instead of 2 if that meant the other 3 years were given to issues. Making it more fun to be able to retain your position for a longer period of time.
    • I again thought about this and in my mind this becomes more and more real.

      You could bring up topics before the session starts maybe up to a maximum of 4 and vote for those before the seat-voting starts. I need to test this to see if it will prolong the session too much, but it could make politics really interesting especially if votings lead to reactions (maybe some people dislike your proposals)
    • Even if it did extend the session too long it can always be started earlier. Or simply lower the count of how many "Bills" to vote for.

      I did think of another possibility. The topics can come up as a popup at any time of day and you pick your choice on how to vote. Then, rather than voting at the office session they simply bring up the votes "For the topic of ... A- 2 votes B- 3 votes C- 0 votes. B passes." or something like that. It'd be much quicker than the actual voting and it's still done in a similar way, only over time in the background. And the amount of topics can be based on how often the voting process is. 1 topic for yearly seat changes and 4+ for every 4 years. Perhaps the topics are still voted day to day and the council convenes to hear the end result every year even if they wont be voting for positions that session.

      And yes I agree. Not just changing the AI's view towards you but having other effects like certain types of products being cheaper or more expensive. Maybe new "Laws" that can be broken and cause offenders new reasons to be charged. Changing taxes so that higher titles pay more/less and vice versa.