[English] Text: Placeholders and Variables

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    • [English] Text: Placeholders and Variables

      If you want to create your own text/feedback messages via the DB/text.dbt you can use the following placeholders:

      %1 means that you use the first argument in your message function, %3 means the third.
      after that there is a variable that it used for different usage.

      n ----------> integer, a number without comma
      i ----------> integer, a number without comma (unknown difference to "n")
      t ----------> integer, a number without comma. A small coin symbol appears behind the number.
      s ----------> string, if you want to insert a short string
      l -----------> (small L) label, for example for items
      N ---------> the full name of a character object
      GG ---------> the name of a building object
      DN ---------> the name of a dynasty object
      NAME ------> used for the name of a city
      SV ----------> Sim first name
      SA ----------> sim office
      ST ----------> Sim title

      In addition $N (no %) means break
      $C[255,255,255] is a farbcode

      The following show symbols for the talents

      $S[2016] - Dexterity
      $S[2017] - Constitution
      $S[2018] - Fighting
      $S[2019] - Craftsmanship
      $S[2020] - Shadow Arts
      $S[2021] - Rhetorics
      $S[2022] - Empathy
      $S[2023] - Bargaining
      $S[2024] - Secret Knowledge
      $S[2025] - Charisma