The Guild 2 - Renaissance England-Map

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    • The Guild 2 - Renaissance England-Map

      Napi96 added a new file:
      The Guild 2 - Renaissance England-Map
      For "The Guild 2 - Renaissance Patch 4.211" and Fajeht's MegaModpack 0.5

      Adds: Map England
      Changes: Map Ulm, Map Transylvania
      Weilerthal only for 8 dynasties (compatibility with the Modpack)
      The Guild 2 – Renaissance England-Map


      After a while of hard work I managed to finish this map. Originally I planned to release it together with Patch 4.21. But sadly I had to quit it, because other problems and bugs had to be changed, fixed and tested. On the other hand, I already added a new map to the game, which made this decision a bit easier for me.

      But now about the England-Map:

      I created the England-Map after I was talking with one of our betatesters about the map size of the England-based maps in this game (have a look at Britannia for example which as well was one of the mayor reasons I created this map).

      For me, Britannia is too small and does not offer as much building areas as other maps. Therefore my main goal for the England-Map was creating a big town with enough space for all of your buildings. On the other hand, I decided adding another village: Norwich. Norwich is a small village which, by no other means, has the potential to evolve to a small town in a few years. Well, if a few investors can be found which are willing to pay for this evolvement. To allow this, I gave Norwich much more space than other „normal“ villages have in this game.

      Well, let’s talk about London. Here the king reigns about England. Well… a bit. Because of personal reasons, I did not give London the level „Imperial Capital“ right from the start. I just hate things like that. ^^

      As we all know, London lies at the Thames which can be crossed with the help of a bridge easily. You can also reach the southern part of England, where some productions are located.

      Something very important to me in any The Guild 2 map is the traffic and trade with ships. And because London is not that far away from the sea in my map, I decided to add a few overseas branches, in this case: Bruges and Le Havre. Both of them are close to London, what makes it nearly obligatory for traders to found establishments in London. But luckily, there are a few storage buildings for sale at London Harbour. But whoever doesn’t want to buy one of those has enough space to build a few more.

      Well, enough of that story… the „harsh“ facts:

      Playercount: 14

      Towns: 2 – London and Norwich

      Oversea Branches: Bruges and Le Havre

      Maritim trade: yes, but easier from London

      Savegame-compatible: No

      Modlauncher: Yes

      Version: 4.211 or Fajeth’s MegaModpack 0.5 (maybe already installed in it)

      You will get an .rar-file.

      Extract this archive to your "The Guild 2 - Renaissance" folder.

      Start the modlauncher and install the mod with the button “Apply”.

      If you get an error: Please make sure that no other mod is installed. If that is not the case and you get this error: make sure that the folder „origin“ in your „mods“ folder is empty.

      Other changes with this mod:

      Improved version of Transylvania: Estate Level 1, more construction areas, bigger construction areas.

      Improved version of Ulm: Improved pathfinding

      Weilerthal only for 8 dinasties.

      Feel free to leave some feedback :)
    • I love it, all the space and the big city projection is awesome. I've playing in Norwich and it has huge path finding troubles. Also lag, i can't play past Fast Speed. When i've just loaded, does good, but minutes after, gets extremely laggy.

      Dynasty Mode, 14 Dynasties.