Debtors Overview Mod

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    • Debtors Overview Mod

      Serpens66 added a new file:
      Debtors Overview Mod
      For patch 4.211.
      An overview of all your debtors and the lended money + some improvements and bugfixes.

      [list=1][/list]You will get a notification, if someone takes a credit, pays pack a credit, or if a debtor died.
      You can activate or deactivate those notifications for every bankhouse.
      You can see all your debtors in the important persons section.
      A list with all debotors, the lended money and the possible interest per hour.
      The total interest will be calculated with the lending time.
      The attractivity of your bank is now 1.5 times more important.
      Your bankworker will continue to offer credits the next working day.
      The way sims choosing the bank to take a credit is now more balanced. They won't choose only the best bank. Now the best bank as only a higher chance to be choosen, but other banks are also possible.

      For a better overview what I changed exactly, see github (german version):

      Feature Vorstellung: Kreditübersicht