[English] Create Building-Renderings for HUD

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    • [English] Create Building-Renderings for HUD

      Many thanks to User PuerNoctis for the translation into english

      Hi all,

      Here is a small tutorial on how to create "Renderings" for custom/new buildings. You can see what is meant by looking at the screenshot (red circle). The icon/rendering circled in green is a graphic, but if you run a pre-Reinaissance-version you can also render and screen them (to get a hold of the graphic).

      Required tools: NifSkope (freeware)

      Step 1:
      Open the file "RenderViewBG" in the "<Renaissance-Install-Path>/Scenes/" in NifSkope

      Step 2:
      Expand the NiNode "SceneNode" -> Expand the NiNode "static" -> Expand the NiNode "camera"
      You can now see all "The Guild"-models that have a rendering (see screenshot).

      Step 3:
      Select any "NiCamera" whose dimensions roughly match the ones of your model (makes the fine-tuning easier later on) and copy it (right-click -> Block -> Copy Branch).

      Step 4:
      Add the copied branch to the "NiNode" "cameras" by right-clicking on the "NiNode" "camera" and selecting Block -> Paste Branch

      Step 5:
      If you've done everything correctly, a 1:1 instance of your copied NiCamera should be visible at the end of the list.
      Double-click on the "Value" field and change it to the actual name of the building that you have stored in the Buildings.dbt file. This is important, since the game will lookup the name of the building in Buildings.dbt!

      Step 6:
      This step is optional. Here you can do some fine-tuning in case the selected/copied branch does not have the right position within the game. Right-click on your renamed branch and select Transform -> Edit. The positioning window should come up.

      By changing the XYZ coordinates under "Translation" the position of the building can be adjusted (in order: Right/Left, In/Out, Up/Down).
      The YPR coordinates under "Rotation" should be left untouched since they're quite global values.

      Step 7:
      When all the steps are finished, save resp. overwrite the existing "RenderViewBG"-file. You now have successfully added a new RenderView to the game.

      As mentioned above, the large render-icons (first screenshot, green circle) are just graphics since Renaissance.
      If you run a pre-Renaissance-version of the game and work according to this tutorial, this method applies to the GREEN circled icon.

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