German speakers please help! Deutsch-Lautsprecher please help!

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    • German speakers please help! Deutsch-Lautsprecher please help!

      Uns Englisch Stipendiaten könnte wirklich Ihre Hilfe hält uns auf Trab, was mods / ernsthafte Gespräche sind auf der deutschen Seite der Dinge passiert hier. Nur eine allgemeine Idee oder einen Link, um einige wichtige Beiträge, die Sie denken englischsprachigen Fans des Spiels auf interessiert sein könnten


      Us English fellows could really use your help in keeping us up to speed on what mods/serious discussions are happening on the German side of things here. Just a general idea or a link to some important posts that you think English speaking fans of the game might be interested in.

    • Re: German speakers please help! Deutsch-Lautsprecher please help!

      Good idea, although I recon most Germans stick to their native forum?

      You used a translator-bot right? The German is not totally incomprehensible, but grammar aside there are common mistakes typical of such bots, ie. "speaker" = "Lautsprecher", but only of it's the kind of speaker you plug in to your amplifier at home. "German speaking" would be "Deutsch Sprechender".

      Not that I could translate the whole paragraph myself :) Although Germany is our southern neighbor, and I grew up with German television, I can read and comprehend most of it - but writing and speaking German is a whole other matter entirely :D
    • AW: German speakers please help! Deutsch-Lautsprecher please help!

      German is a science. even german ones can't speak and write it correctly.

      well, didn't we have an english speaking moderator some time ago? what happened with him? nirvana?

      he's dead, right? you murdered him! give us some responses! we want the truth!!!

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    • Re: German speakers please help! Deutsch-Lautsprecher please help!

      Avoid translator bots, and if you do use one... follow proper etiquette. You did that though, so good on ya. (post what you mean in English underneath so they can translate what they know, if any...)

      I am Canadian, and unfortunately had the displeasure of learning French on school. I can still read it, and speak some of it... however I can't write it for the life of me. The spelling usually throws me off every now and then, but when I tried a few translators that a few buddies of mine use - I noticed immediate flaws with the translations with just my elementary knowledge of French.

      That being said, following the typical etiquette of copy/pasting the English underneath too - you should be fine. As for knowing whats going on with the German side of things, Nirvana is active on those forums as well from what I have seen. He won't leave us in the dark if there is anything we need to know about.... At least I don't think he would.... although I still don't know where that moderator went either.... :arf: