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      Lol, it's all good. I made that mistake when I first played too. Then I got G2 and played the tutorial... that thing saved my ass with this game. I still can't get over how I have never bothered to play this series until a few months ago... It's one of the best games out there. With Nirvana and the team, it'll only get better.
    • AW: Feedback Patch 4.17b

      I played on hardest when testing this version.

      The AI doesnt die so easy, and they gain lots of cash - but they arent investing in new buildings. I believe mostly cuz there arent more buildings to buy. The only way to gain new buildings is by brute force. There is no space either to build new buildings on the map I'm playing.

      I didnt recieve any agression from the AI, even though I'm in a feud with all of them.

      The 5 AI didnt buy titles higher than "Citizen without full civil rights" even though they got between 200k to 500k cash.

      The offices looks like this:
      [Blocked Image:]
    • AW: Feedback Patch 4.17b


      I have been playing 4.17b multiplayer and consistently run into OoS issues after 12-16 rounds. I have a save file that contains a replicable OoS issues approximately 1 hour game time after the save. I have replicated the OoS 5 times. The file is 8.5mb, which is too large to load on this board. Let me know if you guys would like the file to isolate the OoS issue.

    • AW: Feedback Patch 4.17b

      I found myself building temporary "huts" to assure I would have a spot for a future business within the town.

      Gawd what a cheat and an exploit and then it's people like this who will complain that the game is too easy or the ai is no good. What a cheater.
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      ravinhood wrote:

      Gawd what a cheat and an exploit and then it's people like this who will complain that the game is too easy or the ai is no good. What a cheater.

      It's important details like his description of how he played that this thread needs.

      Your snarky comment however not only is completely unhelpful but downright uneducated by actual gameplay. ANYONE who has been playing this game since release KNOWS the AI needs improvement on many levels and is in fact EXTREMLY easy to dominate on hard with no help at all from anything but the average IQ of a hamster.
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      For some reason I seem to remember this bug already being addressed and/or fixed. I am currently playing TG2:R on the 4.17 BETA version.

      It was the bug where if you start a new game and exit back to main menu, when you start a new game all the 'dropdown menus' look like double parentheses. ][

      Just reporting that it is still happening.

      And to the two posters above me - the flaming of another post AND the pointing out of the flaming of another post are BOTH unnecessary - if you see a flame, leave the mods put it out. They are trained professionals. :wink:
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      I have played for about 20 hours now with 4.17b on steam but opened through the folder.

      The game is much nicer I love how dynasties are nastier and go after you its a lot of fun I couldnt believe my orchard was getting plundered 20 minutes in I was so happy.

      Huge problem I have

      Ever two years (1 year round) at the end of the round (change of season screen goes black then autosaves) it crashes without fail it always crashes every two years.

      What I do now is save when I hear the bell ding for year end however 1 in 3 saves I make NOT ONLY crashes my game it deletes the save file i was overwriting.

      Things I noticed

      - HOSPITAL - Sometimes healers in infirmary get stuck when told to treat people the icon flashes on them and they stutter but wont move. (I have to physcially place them in a spot near a bed then reapply)

      - INN - When on auto my dystasy character loves to sell beer as a inn owner (id rather him not but) He always gets stuck once he has beer in his inventory the game checks again to give him beer but hes full so it doesnt finish the process. He will stand still like the healers not moving with the sell beer icon flashing on his portrait

      - I HATE THIS BUG when my forge goes to my woodcutter to pick up charcoal it drops off daggers tools and fittings (whatever it had) then buys my own goods from me. I dont lose money unless its sales tax but still. It clutters up my inventory. (WHAT I HAVE DONE is told the woodcuter to sell stuff at market at 75% now it takes that crap the forge dropped off and sells it itself.

      - WIFE BUG I married a women from anther color dynasty and after years of marriage she reverted back to her orginal dynsaty stayed in my 3 char box as a playable char but could not be controlled. (work around - I divorced her gave her 2k and married somone half her age)

      Annoyance - I have the best set up ever in Cologne i have a forge next to the market a inn and a house all literally on the market so my handcarts dont even need to move to be seen by both business however when on auto they still move the cart. Annoyance is that my forge cart will go pick up 1 iron from the market then go back drop it off and repeat (i have money and space for more) this isint bad because of my proximity but if i was farther away this would really piss me off what gives?

      Black Death is not as bad as it is in 4.15 but i still had to make a hospital because the npc hospital the dynasty member who owns it has been stuck in the same position trying to heal for 40 years and not doing a thing. He also didnt hire help for the first 15 years. NPC hospitals are total fail. Now i have to treat all the black death.

      What does free trade do? I tried it my guy had beer in his inventory and it did nothing but make a tent for 5 minutes.

      Im sure there is more but thats my rant. Hope it helps.

      Im on a dell d630 (crap) but runs the game well win 7 newest drivers from component websites (not dell) over 20 hours played real time not game. Maybe 40 years played in game.
    • Re: AW: Feedback Patch 4.17b

      Rocky_4r wrote:

      if you have a lot of unusual crashes, then check the FAQ:

      Thank You good info.

      Been playing the last two days alot.

      Resolved my crashing while saving (before reading faq) by using quick save "Q"

      - TITLES
      Only ONE! color dynasty has bought a title of Patrician in about 20 rounds the rest are Citizen and Citizen without full rights (1 Year Rounds)
      Maybe it takes longer to make money, very possible.

      Still the AI is slow to upgrade these i have had one AI make one a town over so I always run there when i catch leprosy from door knobs in my smithy.

      I still dont see much going on a lot of items just not on the market after years of playing especially weapons and armor. I use the guild feature to get armor and weapons now. All business are covered in most cities just poor effeciency maybe.

      - Glitches

      Had 5 mercenaries try to atack a robber camp (second level) and they all got stuck in the corner of the building and froze (could not even unemploy them)

      - Mechanic Complaints

      Attacking people is still very clumbsy. Not everyone draws their weapon quickly. Some people fight with fists for a few seconds before pulling out weapons. Some people stand still while getting attacked. It's always hard pulling people off building attack and on to person attack because if you dont pull them all off and cancel action they will revert to building attack while getting killed

      Again when a finished product business goes to a supplier for raw goods it drops finished products off there then picks up goods. Forge drops daggers at lumber mill then takes pine wood to make more daggers. When it should sell them first then go to lumber mill.

      Overall Im pretty satisfied I like seeing cool things like people getting burns from proximity to bombs going off on buildings, small things. I would like to see the AI get much more aggresive though specifically rogue class and start building big robber camps while maruading the country side. Makes mercs kind of useless at the moment.

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      Playing on a new map today with 4.17 and im 2 turns in. There is already 3 shadow dynasty carts spining along the road from my farms to the town. It caused my carts on auto manage to get caught with them until i manually moved them out. There has also been a guy stuck in the river since the start and its making an annoying crashing sound indefinetly. Its right next to my fish hut too so I get to hear it often.

      patch notes of 4.15 said

      - Worker don't disappear anymore or get stuck in woods or rivers
      - There should be no spinning carts anymore

      oh well, this is on Herzogenfurt Map by the way.

      - Legend
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      40 rounds into anther game here. Playing Austria map the small town Danqueransant or something.

      Politics - Gaps are starting to appear in upper levels of politics. The same people in them from the start are dying and no one is filling offices.

      I owned the whole town and found that there was no npc's there if I did that. So I sold, Pastry shop, Inn, Estate Farm, Orchard and Mill. Once I did that a new citizen arrived in town and bought one each. They then went and applied for low level politics. I thought that was interesting. There needs to be a place of work for npc's to appear in town. Otherwise all you see is unemployed and beggars, not citizens.

      Titles - Nobody is buying titles above Citizen/Free Citizen. I see plenty of dynasties with assets larger than mine and titles much lower. I easly got Patrician by age 40 or so with under 200k assests. They have over and are Citizens.

      Purchases - I think its silly how yeoman shadow dynasties can by buildings requiring a "citizen" title (just one example)

      Make smarter AI's

      I had one color dynasty start in my town she bought a pub and for her entire life until 81 when i toad slimed her business to make her come out and kill her for her realestate she stayed in that pub serving people. 80 years old!!!! and her first time out of her pub was when i made her come out. Also she didnt do anything. Didnt buy anything, nothing BORING!!!
      You might want to check out the AI and the pub because it seems to me they get stuck in a loop of serving. Plus I dont know how AI's can make money off a pub, you cant really sell anything. Anther rogue in my game also has a pub but luckly has a thieves den too so I see him off kidnapping plenty, however he dosent leave the pub. I want to see AI's build lots of buildings and really expand. They are too minamilistic and small minded. Boring games!

      zZzZzZz I need real people to play against. I wish I had someone to play though!

      EDIT: byt he way there is a gravedigger stuck on a mountain. I watched him up there his whole life until he died.

      PS there was a gravedigger stuck in the river in antehr map I played.

      Might want to see why gravediggers are getting stuck places.

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