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  • I wish to know what happened

    vulthurmir - - Ideas and wishes


    Quote from Fajeth: “The old Runeforge board is down and thus the links are gone. But there weren't any custom maps anyway, besides from old team members. You need the map editor and some inside knowledge to make maps - but the editor is a buggy mess and also due to license problems not for public release. But even then: A 4 city map brings problems because of the huge amount of sims/objects. Such a map (like Novaesium) is made for a lot of troubles and performance issues. So making such a map is…

  • I've been trying to find any custom maps -- let us be honest, the base game maps are small and I wish to have at least four settlements (with at least a single village because I like a humble start, also it's kind of hard to start off as a patron in a town, or so I've read). Instead, I've found that any links to downloads, not only maps, link to no longer existing pages -- Id est, they link to pages with 404 Error not found. I'm no modder, so I have some doubts I'd be able to make a new map or t…