TradingRoutes 0.91.0

ThreeOfMe -

This mod strives to improve the concept of trading routes. It will open up more possibilities to actually use trading routes, enabling the player to automize their production.

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Creative Commons <by-nc-sa>
You are tired of commendeering your carts all the time? Then you've found the right mod!

To >load< and >unload< a cart is quite simple. But your inventory space tends to overflow, when you unload too many goods! Use >Resupply< whenever you want your cart to fill up a workshop to a certain amount. But consider that some goods may remain on the cart when you do this!

The cart will stay at important waypoints for as long as necessary to finish its actions. A waypoint is marked as important by default.

This mod features:
  • Major fixes of the Vanilla trading routes. Well, in fact I had to rework about 95% of the vanilla script to make it work.
  • Resupply option for own workshops.
  • Mark any waypoint as important to make sure the cart does not leave early.
  • Trading routes for ships.
  • Player is notified about stagnating routes.

Installation of Version 0.91.0 and Fajeth's MegaModPack 0.91:
  • Place "ms_hpfz_AutoRoute.lua" in [GameFolder]/Scripts/Measures/, overwriting the existing file.
  • Place "MeasureToObjects.dbt" and "Filter.dbt" in [GameFolder]/DB/, overwriting the existing files.
  • Place "Text_de.dbt" or "Text_en.dbt" in [GameFolder]/DB/ and rename it to "Text.dbt". Delete or rename the existing file beforehand.

Installation of Version 0.91.0 without Fajeth's MegaModPack 0.91:
Since the mod currently contains only one script file with no dependencies it should be fairly simple to include the mod in Vanilla or LegacyMod. Changes in the dbt-Files are minor (one line each). The only challenge will be to consolidate the Text.dbt for both languages (about 5 changed/deleted lines and about 50 added lines) If you're interested, leave a comment or PM for me (German or English, your choice).

I'll be glad for any feedback!

Thanks are due to @LordTrakand for the idea of resupplying workshops (which lead me to implement the restock-option) and @VoidByte for giving another nudge :)
Also thanks to @Horsti for ideas regarding the sale threshold and warehouse storage.
Oh, and of course to @Fajeth for help and hints regarding modding in general :thumbsup:
  • Version 0.91.0

    - 1,19 MB - 39 mal heruntergeladen

    Changelog for TradingRoutes 0.91.0 (based on MegaModPack 0.91)
    • Increased selectable amounts when restocking a warehouse. Options are 100/200/300/400/500 items.
    • Set a threshold for selling goods at the market to 0/75/100/125/150 percent of the base price of the item. This defaults to 0% implying no restriction on market sales. This threshold may be selected once for each route.
    • The interval selection was changed to: Constantly (default)/Once/6 hours/12 hours. The interval may now be changed in the first dialog (next building/sale threshold/interval).
    • Removed category choice for markets with fewer items.
    • Trading routes go nautic! Trading routes are now enabled for trading ships and item selection was adapted to match larger slots.
    • Warning messages were included for long stops. Whenever a cart takes longer than 12 hours to finish a waypoint, the player will be notified and offered a few options. Options include "Do nothing!", "Move on now!", "Wait longer!", "Don't notify me!" and may be selected differently for each route.
    • Adapted version numbering to match Fajeth's MegaModPack since this mod is based on version 0.91 of the MegaModPack. Effectively, Fajeth's MegaModPack 0.92 will include this mod and thus constitute TradingRoutes 0.92.0. There may be subsequent minor releases of this mod based on 0.92 later on.
  • Version 0.6

    - 14,51 kB - 36 mal heruntergeladen

    Changelog 0.6:
    • Changed unload: Select the amount of items that are to remain on the cart.
    • Mark waypoints as important to control execution of the route.
    • Restock cart (0.5) is replaced by the important marker.
    • Changed dialogs:
      • First waypoint is not selected on measure start anymore.
      • Selection of actions is now a submenu of the building selection. To select the next building you now need to finish setting up the waypoint first.
    • Added text and hints to support the configuration.
    • Prepared the code for future work.

  • Version 0.5

    - 8,61 kB - 32 mal heruntergeladen

    • Renamed Restock to Restock Workshop. This option will still prevent overflowing workshop slots.
    • New option Restock Cart was added. This will prevent overflowing cart slots.
    • Removed option to restock up to 120 items since no workshop has that much space.
    • Setting up a route with non-empty carts yielded odd results. While these oddities where removed (current inventory is ignored completely), it usually makes sense to unload everything before setting up a route.
  • Version 0.4.1

    - 7,47 kB - 26 mal heruntergeladen

    Changelog 0.4.1:
    • Routes cancelled whenever selling items at market.
    • Fixed broken bargaining on market sales and purchases.
  • Version 0.4

    - 7,83 kB - 2 mal heruntergeladen

  • Lord Trakand -

    Dear ThreeOfMe,
    First, I want to thank you for creating an amazing feature for this game for which I am very grateful for.
    Second, do you think you could provide a brief tutorial on what each of the selections in the trade route do? I have been experimenting with it and it has already proved invaluable in keeping my buildings producing, but I am still trying to figure out all of the other details, such as restocking a workshop, how to make it so that a cart wont linger at a building and other such things. Also, is there a way to let the cart sell goods to the market at a fixed percentage, while making sure some goods stay behind so they can be sold directly to customers that come by?
    Again, thank you again for all of your work in creating this amazing feature.

    • ThreeOfMe -

      Dear Lord Trakand,
      Thank you for your feedback! I'll see about some examples for typical routes and how to use the new features properly. I even considered creating an ingame tutorial for this but I don't think I'll have time for that any time soon.

      If you're using MegaModPack 0.92 make sure to delete these two lines from your Text.dbt:
      19330 "_AUTOROUTE_INITIATE_OPTION_+5" "Restock Workshop" |
      19331 "_AUTOROUTE_INITIATE_OPTION_+6" "Restock Cart" |

      Both options have been replaced meanwhile. The option to set a sales threshold for market sales is one of the replacements. It does not affect how many items are loaded onto the cart however.

  • Martin Wind -

    Servus und danke,

    der Mod funktioniert spitzenmäßig :)
    Die Versorgenoption ist der Hammer und auch, dass ich immer aussuchen darf, wie viel geladen wird. Wer kennt das nicht, dass man auf die nächste Runde zahl in der Produktion wartet, damit endlich die Route korrekt gesetzt werden kann? XD

    lg, Martin

  • alkyd -

    Hi ThreeOfMe,
    Thank you for your modding support. I really wanted to try out your mod, however I found small incompatibility with Fajeth's megamod pack. In Fajeth's mod, there is a feature where you can see "balance sheet" of your inn (the one that shows income of sales in the inn). However, when I copy your files, this feature is not visible anymore in my inn. I found that at least this file "MeasureToObjects" effects this issue.

    • ThreeOfMe -

      Hi alkyd,
      Thank you for your feedback. Are you sure you are using version 0.91 of the MegaModPack? The TradingRoute mod is based on that version and only one line is changed in MeasureToObjects.dbt. I also double checked installing the mod into my 0.91 game folder and it worked just fine.

      If the bug bug persists try changing just this line in MeasureToObjects.dbt (look for 2333 or 12018 in the file):
      2333 12018 0 0 1509 3 "" () "" 0 0 |

      Also I'll see about releasing the next version of the mod this evening. Maybe that will sweeten up the easter weekend for someone :)

    • alkyd -

      oh yes you are right, I am using 0.82. I am gonna check it out (if it's not already going to be incorporated in megamodpack) once Fajeth releases a fix on April 14 cuz the current megamod version is a bit buggy. In the meantime, shall I use the previous version of TradeRoutes with 0.82?

    • ThreeOfMe -

      Sure, the version 0.6 should work with MegaModPack 0.82 if you change the line in MeasureToObjects.dbt as mentioned above.

    • alkyd -

      So I looked up that line in both 0.6 and 0.91 versions and it's not different from 2333 12018 0 0 1509 3 "" () "" 0 0 |
      Am I missing something? What if I just don't copy MeasureToObjects.dbt at all? Will that effect the mod's operation?

      Update: So I didn't copy MeasureToObjects.dbt and so far the mod is working fine + I can see the inn's balance sheet. (This only applies to modpack 0.82, everything works fine in modpack 0.91)

    • ThreeOfMe -

      The given line is the only line that you need to change in any installation to make TradingRoutes 0.6 work (in addition to the script file ofc). Here are the steps:
      1) Install Vanilla and the base mod you want, say MegaModPack 0.82
      2) Copy the TradingRoutes script file (ms_hpfz_AutoRoute.lua) into Scripts/Measures/
      3) Edit MeasureToObjects.dbt. Change the line starting with "2333 12018 ..." into the one given above. That is either copy the above line or replace "(2)" with "()" and the two values before "1509" into "0".
      4) Have fun!

      About your edit: Glad to hear it works as well. Though you're probably required to click some building before the help text pops up?

  • baxton -

    1A... das ist super... freu und weiter so

  • ThreeOfMe -

    Vielen Dank für die Rückmeldung! Das ständige rumfahren von vollen Karren war mir auch ein Dorn im Auge.

    Ich bin fast fertig mit einer nächsten Version, die das Ganze noch etwas anders angeht. Leider wird die Installation auch eine weitere Datei betreffen.

    An den fehlerhaften Feilschenbonus muss ich auch noch ran.

  • baxton -

    Nach ein wenig basteln, war es mir dann doch möglich den Mod zumlaufen zu bringen, habe dazu einfach die fragliche Script Datei mit der in der MOD befindlichen Scipt Datei im Spiel ersetzt. Die fraglichen Lines in der TXT habe ich auch angehängt.
    Soweit läuft die MOd gut und ich habe den Sinn de MOD soweit verstanden.
    Dennoch hab ich nicht verstanden, warum der Karren immer hin und her fährt, obwohl das Lager die gewünschte Menge worweist,
    fährt er dennoch zum Markt zurück. Hierbei kauft er zwar keine neue Ware, man bekommt aber trotz alle dem dn Feilschen Bonus gutgeschrieben, auch wenn keine weitere Ware angekauft wird. Jo wahr.... lach.
    Wäre ja toll, wenn der Karren erst dann wieder vom Betrieb zum Markt fährt, wenn das Lager einen voreingestellten Defizit vorweist. Hm, hoffe ich konnte das soweit erläutern. Danke sehr für die Mühe in die MOd, danke baxton

  • baxton -

    Frage für Blöde,
    wie installiere ich diesen MOD undwo tu ich die ZIP Datei hin, btw wo entpacke ich die?
    Die Lines habe ich manuell in der TXT geändert, aber weiss nicht wo ich die Mod hin tum muss.
    Kann mior da einer helfen, vielen dank...


  • Odger -

    Hey ThreeOfMe,

    thanks for your effort!
    I´ve got some questions, before I download and install it (that vanilla traderouting is like a natural desaster...)
    I suppose your Mod is compatible with Fajeths Modpack?
    Is it a german version, or did you not have to edit any text?
    Will I have to start a new game after installation, or is it enough to cancel all running traderoutes - or can I keep them running and your Mod takes care of everyting else?

    Have a nice day!
    Odger (Der sich gerade fragt, warum er die ganze Zeit in Englisch schreibt...)

    • ThreeOfMe -

      Hallo Odger,

      der Mod basiert auf ModPack Version 0.9.1 und berücksichtigt auch den dort enthaltenen Feilschen-Mod.

      Texte in der text.xml sind auf Englisch und deutsch, ist aber ohnehin nur ein Eintrag. Wie bei allen Skript-Änderungen sollte ein neues Spiel notwendig sein.

      Wenn etwas nicht funktioniert, sag Bescheid :)


      PS: Hatte grad keine Lust zu übersetzen, also habe ich im Sinne der breiteren Leserschaft direkt auf englisch geschrieben :)

    • Odger -

      Waaah, schon wieder ein neues Spiel anfangen :D

      Ok, sobald ich in meinem aktuellen Spiel mal wieder was vermassele, installiere ich Deinen Mod und texte Dich dann mit Feedback zu *gnihihi*