[English] Fajeth's MegaModPack 0.92

Fajeth -

The MegaMod is a complete overhaul of Renaissance. It enhances the gameplay, rewrites the AI and changes the market balancing. Many new items and features help in making the game complete and more fun than ever.

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Creative Commons <by-nc-nd>

Important for Installation!

0.92 is a .zip-file. You have to extract it to the main folder of your
The Guild 2 - Renaissance game, overwrite all existing files. I recommand to
make a new installation only for the modpack so that you can easily play
different versions of the game without un-install.

Important: You need to delete your Scripts-Folder before!!

Order of installation:

1. The Guild 2 - Renaissance

In case you don't have the Steamversion, you also need to patch your game:

2. Patch 4.21
3. Hotfix 4.211

4. Delete your Scripts-Folder

5. MegaMod 0.92 (extract it into your main game folder)

If you want to play in a different language, see this thread: [ModPack] Translation Kit

Any Bugs and Feedback can be posted here: Bugtracker
You can see the latest beta-version here: Beta-Version

Let's Plays on Youtube:
German: Wrangy (for 0.4 and 0.7)
English: MackdiddlgeGaming (for 0.6.5)

Changelog for 0.92 in comparison with 0.91:
Spoiler anzeigen

Changelog 0.92

- ModPack: Your employees sometimes had high level equipment when you hired them
- ModPack: Ressources were spawning in player controlled buisnesses
- ModPack: The drinking game in the pub was bugged
- Vanilla: Sims who were knocked out by the sleeping spindle or hypnosis could still
go to office meetings
- Vanilla: Fixed multiple forenames in messages
- ModPack: Pregnancy tooltip has been updated
- ModPack: Buildmaterial tooltip has been updated
- ModPack/Vanilla: The AI will no longer always get higher results in the dice game
- ModPack: If you used the sorcerer robe the false boni were shown on the screen
- ModPack: Cemetery had only a slot capacity of 20 (instead of 40)
- ModPack: You could not train your family members (office privilege)
- ModPack: You could not attack buildings
- ModPack: Removed empty measure of carts and ships
- Vanilla: Towers were counted by the message when you bought a new title
- ModPack: You could not use the indulgence-measure
- ModPack: Some people were always sleeping
- Vanilla: Fixed missing texts for a random event
- ModPack: Bank workers interrupted the give-out loans measure on the next day
- Vanilla: Fixed an exploit that allowed using items multiple times if you have high
arcane knowledge
- Vanilla: Fixed an exploit which allowed to use an item, remove the item from the inventory
before animation ends, and thus keep the item
- Vanilla: The black death never ended
- Vanilla: AI healer could get stucked forever (rare)
- ModPack: Fisher hut AI never gathered salmon at level 1
- ModPack: Now mills will also sent rival-messages
- ModPack: Fixed an AI bug regarding assigning employees to treatment
- ModPack: You could not downgrade your diplomatic status (for example declare feud)
- ModPack: If you married someone in a monastary your spouse would still reject you
if you asked to spent the night together. She will now love you again
- ModPack: Added missing text if you sent a letter to another dynasty (diplomacy)
- ModPack: Multiple upgrades in the robber camp were missing
- ModPack: "Using" a cocotte had no cooldown
- Vanilla: The "rest"-measure (robber) is now in the same category as other "red" measures
- ModPack: The counting of allies/enemies (diplomacy) sometimes was wrong
- Vanilla: After buying a new building from a dynasty the old owner would still work for
- ModPack/Vanilla: AI Dynasties never built new buildings and only occasionly upgraded
their residences
- ModPack: If you sell your bank or hospital you will now get back your bank account and
some money for your medical supplies
- Vanilla: Fixed multiple bugs during the waylay measure
- Vanilla: Pub AI will now smuggle alcohol as intended
- ModPack: pub AI will now buy beer from the market
- ModPack: The bathing essence has not been removed from your inventory
- ModPack: Fixed a bug if you sent a medium sum of money to one of your allies
- ModPack: Added missing tooltips for the gargoyle
- ModPack: Fixed missing text when demanding money from a dynasty (diplomacy)
- ModPack: You could not arrange a "liason"
- Vanilla: Sometimes if you would marry a dynasty character her former dynasty would take
over the control of your spouse
- ModPack: Sometimes not all important dynasties were available in the dynasty overview in
the "important person" menu
- ModPack: The unemployed list should no longer contain dynasty sims
- ModPack: Using the "Treat specific patient"-measure you would not use medical supplies from
your medicine locker.
- ModPack: It could occur that the AI would assign all medics to medical treatment even if
no medicine was available.
- Vanilla: AI Family members could hold sermons even if they were not the owner
- Vanilla: Shadow AI children worked in the workshops of their parents
- Vanilla: Spinning carts after building/ upgrading buisnesses near the street have been
fixed (a different workaround than vanilla, it will fix 99.9% of all spinning carts)
- Vanilla: AI sims who applied for an office in the first round before 14h were removed from
the applicant list but came to the city hall nonetheless. To avoid this issue the AI will
now no longer apply for offices before 14h (they will apply normaly in other rounds)
- ModPack: The pirate can now also hold a feast for his employees
- Vanilla: AIs got an additional weapon / armor when they bought a new weapon / armor if they
already had a weapon / armor
- Vanilla: Dynasty AI-Sims who worked in their shops never interrupted that work to do something else
(like buying items or politics)
- ModPack: At the end of the pregnancy there was a ugly animation (the wife leaving the bed,
even if she is currently on the street)
- ModPack: The calculation for credibility during trials was messed up.
- Vanilla: If you demanded a death sentence the AI would most likely
always say that it is guilty, regardless of the amount of evidence you had
- Vanilla/ModPack: Fixed multiple small bugs during trials
- ModPack: Taverns and pubs had only very few visitors
- ModPack/Vanilla: Fixed multiple small scripting errors
- ModPack/Vanilla: Fixed multiple text errrors (German/English)

- Pathfinding in "Bremerhaven" has been improved.
- Pathfinding in "Vienna" has been improved. Some ressources on those maps could not
be reached.
- On the "Castrum Novaesium"-map the tavern in Cologne has been moved to avoid a bug
- On the "Magathaburg"-map the pathfinding has been improved.
- On the "Bingenheim"-map the pathfinding has been improved in Bingenheim and Michelbingen.
- On the maps "Bingenheim" and "Weilerthal" fishing ships could not reach the fishing huts.
- On the maps "Bingenheim", "Bremerhaven", "Ulm", "Fichtenhain" and "Weilerthal" you could
not see any fishes on the fish-resources
- There is now a pirate on "Ulm"
- On all maps new locations for robbers (to waylay) have been set.

- The sell store has been removed (visually) because you actualy lose money if you use it.
AI will still use it and you CAN if you want (but you really should not).
- The mod is now available in french, italian, spanish, polish and russian (with english
mod lines as long as I don't have translations). Many thx to everyone who helped!!
- When leveling up the city you now will see how many people currently live in the town
- Every character of every profession can now gather herbs, mushrooms and holy water.
- The message you get if you plunder carts will now sent only once every 3 hours.
It will also contain information about the kind of loot.
- Robbers with low amount of hp will automaticly rest instead of waylaying
- You once again can court dynasty characters
- Trading-routes have been completely reworked (Thx to ThreeOfMe)
- If sims need to wait before they can buy a new title or apply for an office will sit down
on the bench now
- Dynasty AI has been reworked completely (You MUST delete your Scripts-folder before applying
the mod now!!!!)
- You can mark other dynasty members now! Use the new measure (it is behind your inventory
button) They will appear in the important person interface.
- Trial-AI-logic has been reworked. Diplomatic relations are now very important
- You can no longer bribe during trials
- During trials every type of evidence will only be spoken of once. Meaning: If you have
evidence for 3 cart attacks, than you will talk about one attack and then say: 'Oh, and
the guy did this not only once but 3 times!'
- Orchard and honeycombs are now pre set resources in the world (like other resources)
- Minimap icons for lifestock and willow rod are smaller


- At game start no platemail and axes will be generated by the game
- The amount of weapons and armory at game start has been reduced
- The amount of ressources respawning has been reduced (they only respawn if the market
is empty though)
- Building prices for levels 2 and 3 have been raised; you now need 10k for level 2 and 20k
for level 3
- Nobility titles have much higher prices
- The building-limit is now 2 more for every title (instead of 1)
- Thugs escorting characters will now not follow inside of buildings but instead wander around
- AI will now accept takeover bids even if they have much money already (now up to 100.000
instead of 20.000)
- If someone wanted to buy a specific product in your workshop (e.g. wheat bread) you will
no longer lose favor if you haven't stocked any.
- Bad diseases like black death or pneumonia will now reduce your life span a bit
- The calculation of resisting against an illness has been changed. Now besides your
constitution level you will also resist better if you are young and worse if you get old
- After get healed from the black death you will now be immune against it for 5 rounds
- After 10 rounds no-one will get infected anymore by the black death (unless a new
breakout happens)
- Counting houses' special goods like spice are now much more expensive to prevent imbalanced
early game strategies
- The special offerings of counting houses have been changed
- The profit from counting houses have been reduced slightly
- The profit from selling goods at your local store with high bargaining-talent has been reduced
- You can control 1 more guard as the captain
- The amount of money you can demand from another dynasty (diplomatic action) has been
- Using a bathing essence will now also improve the perfume-bonus you get when you take
a bath alone
- If you buy a title now all active family members will also get XP
- Guards will escort important office members from time to time
- If you miss a trial or want to pay your fine (remove outlaw-status) you have to pay
much more money
- Multiple evidences of the same type during trials will have less impact
(multiple cart robbery is still bad but not that bad)
- The credibility during trials is now calculated differently. In short: You should have
high rhetorics and a good alignment. Also if the judge is your friend or if one of your
family members is the victim, the judge will believe you more. If all fails you can use
the "sacred scent" to boost your credibility.
- You need +50 XP for all talents to level them up

- The fishing hut building now costs +500 gold (2000), because you could abuse it to buy
from counting houses right at the start of the game
- Fishing boat AI has been improved
- Bakery has two more inventory slots at game start
- Lifestock is produced a bit faster
- The produce-count of wool, fat and leather has been reduced by 2
- You now need 2 wheat instead of 1 to make wheat flour
- You get less money from orders in the tavern

- The XP gain of visiting a sermon with a false relict has been raised to 200 (150 before)
- Miracle Cures are now a level 2 product
- Medicine bottles are now a level 2 product (as in vanilla)
- Pain Killers are now a level 3 prdouct (as in vanilla)
- The profit of selling soaps after a cure has been reduced to 125 (200 before)
- Treatment costs has been raised slightly
- Some items of the medicus need a bit more time to produce.
- The production time of the secret mixture has been doubled.
- Credentials need more time to make.
- Dr. Faustus Elixir needs more time to make.

- Ransom demands will no longer always get accepted if the AI can afford it.
- The maximum ransom is now 50.000 gold
- You now get 250 xp for successfully hijacking a character (200 before)

- The value of some items has been raised (diamond, vase and more)

- AI will not build towers within the city
- AI will now wait 12 more hours before building another tower
- AI will now wait 3 hours before buying empty buisnesses
- AI will now also buy fishing huts and pirate harbors.
- Workshop AI of buildings that use herbs and mushrooms has been improved (hospital, alchemist ...)
- AI gather herbs now only if they really need them
- AI will now upgrade it's buildings a bit slower
- If you have really good relations to another dynasty you can make diplomatic agreements
even if the AI does not consider you as a threat
- Important shadow dynasties (holding high level offices) will now build or buy houses
- AI dynasties will now build new buildings or buy existing buildings if you play on hard
- AI will now use "smuggling alcohol"-measure and buying beer for pubs.
- Hospital AI will now try to hold as much medicine on stock as it really needs
(it will look how many sims in a town are sick)
- AI will now only use attack measures that help it reaching its goal (e.g use
spindle of the sleeping beauty against competitors for trial but not against enemies
you have a feud with)
- AI will now only attack competitors (trial/office/duel) within 12 hours before the
event starts
- AI will now visit its shop from time to time to goad workers or pay bonus
- AI will now also train at home if they own a house
- AI now also uses purses and tools
- The AI will now think about doing a confession during trials very carefully and
also will consider it's rhetorical talent for denying

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  • Version 0.92

    - 195,89 MB - 236 mal heruntergeladen

    0.92 contains many bugfixes, a new AI (YOU NEED TO DELETE YOUR SCRIPTS-FOLDER BEFORE INSTALLATION), some balance-tweaks and the
    wonderful traderoute-mod of @ThreeOfMe
  • Version 0.9.1

    - 108,44 MB - 5.196 mal heruntergeladen

    Finally a release for the english community,

    0.9 adds lots of new features, complete balance overhaul and finally working AI production. 0.91 fixes lot's of release-bugs of 0.9 and makes some
    balance adjustment.

    Many thanks to my new team members jedi93 and ThreeOfMe who helped in translating more than 400 lines of new ingame text.

    Try out the new diplomacy ;)
  • Version 0.8.2

    - 108,02 MB - 6.195 mal heruntergeladen

    Changelog 0.82

    - Vanilla: Medics now correctly remember "their" bed and will no longer go to already occupied beds
    to treat patients.
    - ModPack: Sleeping in a tavern will now end after the correct amount of time (no longer endless sleeping)
    - ModPack: AI management of the cemetery didn't work
    - ModPack: English text file had a bug that caused multiple missing texts (more than 40 tips!)
    - ModPack: Missing hitpoints didn't get cured in the hospital
    - ModPack: Fixed a bug with the "crystal ball" measure
    - ModPack: Fixed an AI problem with defending buildings
    - ModPack: Fixed a bug in the freetime behavior of AI
    - ModPack: The 9999 market bug could happen to artefacts - they will get deleted now
    - ModPack: If you gave someone a cake as a present not the target but youself could get caries ...
    - ModPack: Alchemist, cemestery and bank are now visited again by people who want to buy low level stuff from
    the inventory
    - ModPack: Due to a bug in the "takeover bid" script, breaking bones had no effect

    - Text: You get a message now if you try to pay out a bonus to your employees not during worktime
    - Text: AI, who buys herb tea, soap or blankets from the market due to beeing sick will now do so with a text bubble.


    - The probability of gaining random diseases for workers has been reduced
    - In rare cases the workers can now also gain lepra
    - People only get new random diseases during the worktime of healers
    - immunity/infection-math has been changed. In short: If you are young you will stay healthier.
    - Not more than 25% of the city population can infect with the black death - not more than 100 sims.
    - To get infected by a sick sim you have to stand closer to him than before.
    - The range of poisoned wells has been reduced.
    - It's harder to detect burglary by the guards
    - It's easier to detect attacks by the guards
    - It's much harder to detect breaking bones by the guards.
    - No more miracle cure spawn at the market
    - The amount of spawned medicine at the market has been reduced
    - If you want to pay to stop beeing an outlaw it will be more expensive now, depending on your crimes. A
    murderer can not pay.
    - The interface "Important persons" now only shows 1 sim per dynasty to improve performance. If you want to find
    a specific member of a dynasty, look for the dynasty and then go to the right side of your screen and
    select "family"
    - Shadow dynasties are now hidden if they have no buisness and are not in politics
    - The list will only show 8 unemployed sims
    - XP for new titles has been raised by 50%

    - Robbers/Thiefs will no longer burgle a house after 5 a.m (7 before)
    - Robbers will no longer waylay during night (after 10 p.m/ before 5 a.m)
    - AI chiseler will no longer always accept beeing outlaw but might consider pay money to stop it.
    - Diplomacy-Mod: If you have more than 20 favor to a dynasty you don't have to fear any aggressive behavior
    - Diplomacy-Mod: If you have a NAP you will be save from any aggressive actions.
    - Diplomacy-Mod: Only dynasties you have a "feud" with will take really mean actions agains you
    - Diplomacy-Mod: only office-Shadows will take measures against you
    - Diplomacy-Mod: If you have an office you should see more actions against you

    - Some changes to the farmer
    - Sleeping in tavern only needs 6 hours (3 if you have the sleeping-perk)
  • Version 0.8.1

    - 111,09 MB - 3.952 mal heruntergeladen

    Changelog 0.81

    - ModPack: In case of the death of married player characters the game crashed as soon as you opened the family tree
    - ModPack: Dynasty chars of players can beg/lay tarot even between 0 am and 7 am.
    - Vanilla: You didn't had to pay the 100g for changing faith - and neither got the church actualy the money
    - ModPack: Church AI again uses "Prepare mass" and "Gain believers"
    - Vanilla: AI hospital will also give employees orders to treat patients even if they are currently outside (maybe to
    gather lavender). In that case they will move to your hospital to start the treatment.
    - Vanilla: During quacksalvery you will only sell miracle cures during performing the measure - not after ending it or
    if your character needs to get additional items.
    - Vanilla: During quacksalvery you will only see the earned money for your own dynasty
    - ModPack: Bei Gauklern werden die Goldgewinne ihrer Maßnahmen nun wieder korrekt angezeigt
    - ModPack: Added missing error message for wenches/medics/jugglars
    - ModPack: wenches/medics/jugglers stayed in front of their buisness instead of going back to their assigned place after a
    new round.
    - Vanilla: Added missing error message in case you want to hire someone who is currently courted by someone
    - Vanilla: The AI no longer tries to take a bath or sweet talking in taverns that are upgraded but don't have the requirements
    for the measure yet.
    - ModPack: The sow field (patron) measure is no longer needed and thus deactivated.
    - ModPack: The measure "treat a specific patient" had a missing tooltip
    - ModPack: Fixed a few tooltips and texts

    - Text: Added a few new tips and tricks!


    - During the dicegame you can not bet more than 5000g a round. Therefor you can not lose/earn more than 20.000 gold per game
    - Pregnancy chance is now calculated differently: Main factor is the age of your wife: after 30 there is a small chance to fail,
    after 40 a high chance and after 50 she's infertile. Men after 40 will also lower the chance. Although if you have the kama
    sutra skill you can get children even after the age of 50.

    - The income of wenches has been lowered. Old: 50*Charisma New: 50 + 25*Charisma. That means at Level 1, without upgrades:
    150 gold to 125 gold. Level 5 without upgrades: 350 Gold to 225 Gold.
  • ltcraft -

    I was wondering whether my 0.81 save files are compatible with 0.92.

    • Fajeth -

      You can try it but strangr bugs are likely to happen and you will not get any new features or bug fixes

    • ltcraft -

      Thanks for the info! I was not sure how the data is stored inside the save files.
      It sounds like the parameters are set upon file creation with current mod/script data structure in mind, effectively disabling mod swapping later on.

    • Fajeth -

      Well some things are loaded every time you start up the game ( I think this is true for textures and DB files and maybe some scripts) but most scripts are saved into the savegame-file, which is really dumb for modding ... (or patching)

    • ltcraft -

      My thoughts exactly! Factorio comes to mind as a positive example of save-file modularity and compatibility fallback. Here's hoping more developers follow a similar approach.

  • Babaloofang -

    Hello Fajeth, I had a couple questions about the modpack

    1: Do you plan on changing the Castrum Novaesium Map? First of all, the map is flipped 90 degrees compared to what it says on the map selection screen. Also, when I choose Novaesium and start the game, It puts me in Dusseldorp instead, but every other town or city puts me in their correct spot, just flipped 90 degrees to the left.

    2: Does your mod Include a trade route mod that lets you customize and fine tune trade routes? Because another creator on this site uploaded a really cool trade route mod that lets you pick the exact number of goods for each stop on the route, and they said that it was from your modpack I think. If you do have this in your modpack, I have a problem with it as it has a blank icon when having carts selected that doesn't do anything, it's just greyed out...

    Anyway, you're doing a super job on the modpack and I look forward to future updates.

    • Fajeth -

      Hi, the map selection picture is just a scheme, not a detailed map. I am not sure about your selection problem, I dont recall that issue and will test it later.

      The trade route mod will be included in version 0.92, which will come today, I just need to finish the changelog and upload everything

    • Babaloofang -

      Thanks for the response and I'll check out that new version!

  • alkyd -

    Hi Fajeth,
    Did you have any chance to take a look at why there are less customers visiting public house/tavern/inn in 0.9.1 compared to 0.8.2 version? Will that be the same case in 0.9.2?

  • G00ner1886 -

    Hey, Fajeth! Many thanks for your work, really appreciate it.
    Any update about the realease?

  • arcandead -

    Many thanks for your work.
    Tell me which of the modes is more complete: MegaModPack 0.91 or Legacy 2.031 Alpha

    • alkyd -

      Both of them offer different gameplay as both mods have different features, ingredients, recipes and actions. It all comes down to personal taste. You should try both of them and figure out for yourself which one suits your playstyle.

  • alkyd -

    Hi Fajeth,
    Thanks a lot for your mod. I am enjoying it. However, before you release the new version on April 14, can you please re-add the feature where you can see the 'balance sheet' of the competitor's public house/tavern/inn. It was always fun to be able to see how my inn compares to my competitors. Thanks.

    • Fajeth -

      I also thought it was interestig, but other users complained about it (too much information for enemies) so I changed it. I might add a new feature where you can still see how your competition is doing, but not for this version

  • Zhihorka -

    Thanks for the great work, Fajeth. Can you do something with defenseless mines? The robber can capture them from the very beginning, and then trade the stones like an honest trader.
    It's so stupid that the owners of the mines are not even from dynasties. And they do not even defend their possessions with the help of mercenaries.

    • Fajeth -

      Hey! You should play on a higher difficulty then, because the AI will not defend mines on the lower setting ...


    • Zhihorka -

      Well. I start as a robber on the "hardest" in Hansa. Build the robber's nest, take my guys and go to the mine. There's nobody there but the workers.
      Workers continue to work when we attack the mine, but the attack immediately stops.
      We attack the workers and kill them easy. And then rob the mine. There is no protection there.
      Sometimes Bailiff come, but immediately run from us.

    • Fajeth -

      Then you got lucky because mine owners will build towers to protect themselves and also call the mine guards occasionly ... but I will check if somethibg is bugged there

  • uroborass -

    Dude... are you part of the teame developing this game? If not, wtf are they waiting for! lol AWESOME job, many thanks!

    • Fajeth -

      I was only a modder, but I worked as a developer for this game during the patch work of 4.2 - 4.211 and I am a "official" tea member of Runeforge since then ;) All free time though

      Ty for the kind words :)

  • markgardy -

    not 100% sure but i think the AI wenches stay at their pub and do nothing and not sure if ai juggler/medics too. THANKS FOR THE GREAT MOD!

    • markgardy -

      also the weaving mill autobuy plant colourant?

    • Fajeth -

      Buisnesses buy needed materials - but it should not happen without AI management, so this is a bug and it is fixed for the next version. Rogue class will get a complete overhaul, but not for next version, all rogue bugs will be fixed then

    • markgardy -

      im using ai management, i mean the weaving mill(not upgraded) autobuy directly to the market without using cart. the plant colourant item that not required for production. or it is normal? thanks

    • Fajeth -

      it is needed for higher level production though. But this will be improved next version

  • lufrewop -

    Great mod, have been playing it for awhile. But not sure if it is a feature or not, but when i am out of production materials it will auto buy them and instantly appear in my shops inventory. It doesn't happen to everything but it happens enough to turn me off a bit, because i don't have to worry about transportation logistics, etc... anyway keep up the great work!

  • Zholtar -

    Hello! Great mod! But I have an issue with "Court Someone".

    I have my main character which have courted without any problem someone.
    Then, I put his girl in the group playable characters.
    This one have the button "Court Someone" but when I click on it, I cant use it on anyone.

    Tried this with 3 differents games.
    "The best candidates" pop up well on screen. But the "hearth icon" stays greyed when I hover all the "best candidates".

    edit: Seems to work with a "son". But not with a "daughter".

    • Fajeth -

      try courting unemployed sims - that should work. Next version you will be able to court dynasty chars again

    • Zholtar -

      Already maried, wrong gender, ... Into "important persons" and out of it (tried to hover the map to find one male for her... but nothing :s)

    • Zholtar -

      I found one male not married without any family. But I cant do the "court someone" action on him.

    • Fajeth -

      Use the sims from the "unemployed by age" list

    • Zholtar -

      All are "already married" (or wrong gender of course) it says

  • MixQQ -

    I can't collect "swamproot" in Scholar alchemist profession "there is no valid path to my goal"
    I tried on different maps and still the same

    • Fajeth -

      That only happens on some maps like vienna, others work. This issue is solved for the next update

  • lyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa -

    Wonderful, it works. Thanks mate !
    Btw, thank you for the mod :D

  • lyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa -

    Hello, I have a problem with the mod.
    I overwrote the mod on the game. Sadly when I play, I can't read anything because this is Deutsch or without the right name.
    Example, the names of maps " _NETWORK_MAP_NAME_"name" "
    Moreover, the talents are like "TALENTS_"talentsName" ".
    This is unplayable ;( .
    Does someone know how to fix this?
    Did I wrongly install the mod?

    Thanks ;) .

  • edmerlugo -

    Does the mod work with the Spanish translation? :) and have bugs ?? : / Should I only play with the 4.211 patch or should I install this one ?? what do you recomend ? Thank you :) sorry traductor X( my inglish is bad :s

    • Fajeth -

      The spanish translation is not complete, but you can play with it. After you installed te mod, Download here: gilde2.de/social/thread/6787-m…t/?postID=95377#post95377

      Download the spanish_text.zip and copy the text.dbt into the DB folder.

      Now if your language is set to spanish (if you installed it in spanish) you can play. All modpack texts are still english, but if you can understand some of it, you could send me the translations and I will add them :)

  • Cifeetus -

    Thanks for your mod, Fajeth! I've followed your work for a couple of years. I check news at forum.runeforge-games.net via RSS, but can't register there. I've found some bugs in the last version:
    1. Fishing boats don't return with caught fish automatically, they also have blank icon in the interface: imagebam.com/image/2adfc8533631664 ;
    2. Trials are probably broken: character with max Rhetoric and good relations with judges wasn't able to "provide" plausible evidences: imagebam.com/image/c55d0e533631665 ;
    3. List of Unemployed shows only high-skilled "citizens", but not potential low-skilled workers: imagebam.com/image/ee1707533631666 .
    I got The Guild 2 from GOG, patched it to version 4.21 and installed ModPack 0.91: imagebam.com/image/b9f3f0533631663 . I don't remember these bugs in the previous version. Hope this report will help you to improve ModPack.

    • Fajeth -

      Hi, 2: You are probably right, I'm working on multiple reports regarding trial. 3: I'm not quite sure, why would you want to hire low level characters? If you want them I guess you can just use the building's measure?

      For 1: can you report the issue with additional data (exact spot of the fisher, name of the map and city) to the Bugtracker? You can find it here: theguild3.info/bugtracker/

      Thank you for your support, the next version will still take a few weeks I guess but will fix most issues of the current version :)

  • Smartcoregaming -

    Hi Fajeth, Thank you so much for your hard work the last 2 years, all this time I was playing and frequently looking at the website even back when we had the runeforge forum. Now that it is required to make a account to download I finally decided to sent you this message. This modpack is fantastic and made me really love the already fantastic game The guild 2. I hope you will continue your great work with the release of the guild 3 !

    • Fajeth -

      Thank you for the kind words and welcome to the forums :) If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions for new features or balance you can post them here: theguild3.info/bugtracker/

      For sure this in not the end of the mod or modding in General for me ^^

    • Smartcoregaming -

      Glad to hear, I really enjoy the new medicine vault for the hospital, it's the permanent and perfect fix for the longs standing Inventory issues, Bravo! Yes, if I encounter any bugs or have suggestions I will post them in the buggtracker. Many things have been fixed between every version of the mod and that's why I never really had to report it. Now that the mod is almost perfectly done I can give you my feedback for the finetuning ;)
      I already have a suggestion for the new version that I will post in the buggtracker.

    • Fajeth -

      I am looking forward to read it and more of you in general.

  • jumee -

    is there any bug related to serving quests in the rogue pub? whenever I click that option, my rogue just runs out of the buildings and runs around the map, and eventually towards other her businesses, instead of serving patrons

    • Fajeth -

      You can report it to the bugtracker, my team will check it out then

  • gintaman -

    how do i collect debts if someone trys not paying it back

    • Fajeth -

      You select your employee (or yourself) and select the collect debts action. Then the important persons list should appear: At the top of your list you will see everyone who tries to betray you. Select them and your character will pay them a visit

    • gintaman -

      Sorry but i can't find the collect debts action

    • Fajeth -

      It has currently the icon for insulting someone (still a placeholder until I get a real button)


    • gintaman -

      I don't know but it doesn't appear in my action bar

    • gintaman -

      I think that there is a problem with my game i'll reinstall the mod and see if it works

  • sirgate -

    Thanks, Fajeth! Also, thank you for all your hard work and dedication! The modpack is phenomenal!!!

  • sirgate -

    I'm seeing lots of sync issues as well. Is this mod multiplayer compatible?

    • Fajeth -

      Yes but you and your friends need the exact same version (only language doesnt matter).

  • WEP11 -

    Maybe this is beyond the scope of the mod pack, but are there any plans to look at multiplayer out of sync issues?

  • Artix -

    Hello first, I have a problem with thieves always robbed me, another. When you install a house on level 3 becomes invisible

  • mic2311 -

    How do you destroy buildings? I used to be able to click attack the the fire torching would start ... now nothing. I want to destroy the robber's nest

    • Fajeth -

      Hi that's an unfortunate bug, that will be fixed for next release. For now you need to use bombs instead ...

    • mic2311 -

      That sucks, this mod rocks tho, thanks for all your hard work.

    • Fajeth -

      I am aiming for a release at thr first week of march :)

  • molot39 -

    Hi, in the description it says that the leader of the city can send a letter to raise the level of the city. But I did not find this function. Pokapatsya file, the same nenashel. Please correct.

    • Fajeth -

      Hi, only the mayor can raise the level of the city. The only letter i can think of would be the item "credential" (recommendation letter) which can be produced in the bankhouse to raise the reputation

    • molot39 -

      And the name of the file to the script directory, and where he lies there. I was looking for did not find? Noticed only increase the level of the city. And as the AI is not working properly increase the city level.

    • molot39 -

      Looked base functions in a fashion Legacy-2.02, where it is registered in the files is not checked, do another project, but I think works, if there is in measures.

    • Fajeth -

      The city needs enough people. Also enough money in the city treasure. The script is called "levelupcity" i think ...

  • ltcraft -

    Hi Fajeth, nice mod pack, I really like it.

    In the description of the "Debtors Overview" mod it says "Your bankworker will continue to offer credits the next working day." but that seems not to be the case for me. The bank worker will just sit in the building until I manually order him to to offer credits, every round.

    How can I fix this?

    I'm using 0.8.1 with Renaissance 4.211.

  • Savonarola -

    Where do I get the MegaMod 0.8?

  • Onaivilob -

    Hello, I've installed the base game + all the patches and mod as indicated. I'm having a major problem in my gameplays, council meetings do not seem to happen at all. Is there any solution to this?
    Great mod, by the way.
    Thanks a lot :)

  • Evilkwiet -

    Please help me, i tried to install your megamodpack 0.7 and it asks to select the right folder with "GuildII.exe" contained. So i select that folder but then it says the same thing.
    Thanks in advance!


    • Fajeth -

      Hi, the installer is a bit buggy when it comes to installpath. Select the right path and then double check what is in the box. Sometimes the installer adds an extra "The Guild 2 Renaissance" at the end. Delete that and it should work. You can also right click on your exe, and copy thr path that is shown there

    • Evilkwiet -

      Thanks man! I am going to try is now! :D

    • Evilkwiet -

      Lool now you say it, i've never seen it before until now. Stupid me! xD Thanks again!

  • Heavywolf -

    At the risk of sounding like a fool, I am going to claim that I did that already however....
    apparently after you just told me to do it, I went back and now it installed- so barring some weird technomancy that you do... I guess I never did it correctly the first time.

    thanks much and I look forward to using your highly acclaimed mod!