Ship Capacity on Pirate Fortress & Collect Debts

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Not sure whether or not it is possible for this to be done, but I think it could be an idea to increase the capacity of the ships +1 for each level on the Pirate Fortress rather tha it being at 1 ship maximum regardless of the level of building. It just feels a little imbalanced compared to the Storage building which provides you with 2 ships with a greater selection and a better ship at that, for half the price of the level 1 pirate building.

I was also wondering if it was possible to to have the "Collect Debts" made into a continuous task? When the bank is really busy, especiallly as the town population grows if you have the only bank there, I find myself to be micro-managing it constantly throughout the entire working day of a banker so it would be really good if it could be made a continuous task similar to how the "provide credits" works.